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      DC Gear Motors

      All metal machining hobbing process, high torque, low power consumption, low noise, smooth transmission, no resonance. Customized reduction ratio and output shaft.

      DC Stepper Motors

      With gearbox stepper motor becomes more powerful and control more precise,the minimum size can be 10mm diameter.

      DC Brushless Gear Motors

      With gearbox brushless motor becomes more powerful and lower energy consumption.

      DC Brushless Motors

      This type of motor has long life (up to 30000hours), low noise (less than 30db) and small EMI. It is environmental friendly. Its efficiency can reach to 80-90%.

      DC TGP Motors

      Small size, dc plastic gear motor with low speed and big torque,high efficiency

      DC Worm Gear Motors

      DC Worm Gear Motors

      New Products

      New Products